Q: What is the benefit of hiring a team of photographers, like True Photography?

A: We like making each other look good. When you hire True Photography, our company acts as a seamless extension of you, ensuring that your guests are handled with the friendly professionalism that they expect when hiring a top-tier destination management company. With a team of photographers available on staff in San Diego as well as across the country, we can accommodate any size event that you throw our way.

Q: How and when do we receive the images from an event?

A: Our studio is known for the highest-quality images with a quick turnaround time. All images are provided in high resolution, unwatermarked, on a password protected site with easy instant downloads. Our guarantee is that your images will be ready for viewing within 5 business days following your event, with faster turnaround available. Let us know your photography goals and we will come up with a plan that works for you.

Q: What is the benefit of having one company photograph all of our events?

A: As you know, branding is everything. We pay attention to each image, and treat the photos in a way that is timeless with an edge. When you hire True Photography, you and your clients will have a consistent look and feel across all of your images so that they can be paired seamlessly throughout your marketing materials. As well, partnerships are an important part of our philosophy. The more we work together, the more cost-effective our services become, ultimately increasing your bottom line.

Q: What are your packages and rates for corporate photography?

A: Our packages are completely customizable based on what you need. We recommend booking photography in hour blocks, which can be divided over a period of days if desired. We would love to hear about your photography goals, and create a quote to cover your specific needs.

Q: How many images do you take during each event?

A: We don't set limits on the number of images shot per hour of photography. This ensures maximum coverage for the time booked. Our focus is much more about quality versus quantity, though you can expect an average of 100 finished images from a one hour shoot. Our goal is to document your event from top to bottom, providing you with a balance of vertical and horizontal images, portraits candids, overall shots and details.

Q: Do you have experience shooting in different lighting situations?

A: Yes. We are very experienced in every lighting situation. It is easy to get a collection of nice pictures over time when photographed under the perfect light, with the perfect background, at the perfect moment. But what will define a professional is when conditions are less than perfect. Whether it’s a nighttime gala under the stars or a yacht excursion on a sunny day, we can ensure that our team will capture amazing photographs under any condition.

Q: I see you are headquartered in San Diego. Do you photograph in other areas as well?

A: On a typical day, we photograph all throughout Southern California (San Diego, Palms Springs, Los Angeles, Newport Beach). In addition, we have a national network of photographers within our studio. For events within in the United States where we have photographers, there are no added fees. We also send specialized photography teams around the country, and across the globe. Please contact us with your event details so that we can provide a quote to suit your needs.

Q: Do you do other types of photography?

A: Totally. Our team is made up of talented, hand-selected photographers who specialize in every type of photography, including corporate, commercial, product and portrait photography, just to name a few. We have also been photographing weddings for the past 17 years, which has enabled us to build up our name and trusted reputation with the top distinguished venues.


Questions and Answers with Aaron Feldman
True Photography Founder and CEO


  • We’d love to hear from you! Please CONTACT US and tell us about your photography needs. Let’s see how we can help out, and create amazing photography for you!

  • Partnership

  • True Photography is a valued partner of the San Diego Convention Center and a preferred photographer at more than 50 hotels and venues including La Valencia, Marriott Marquis and Marina, US Grant and Fairmont Grand Del Mar. Our images have been showcased in publications, including People Magazine, E! Online, Martha Stewart, ESPN, and Exquisite Weddings.

  • Unparalleled Service

  • We have a very organized system to ensure that everything from hiring our studio to receiving your images is very smooth and free of stress. Everyone at our studio truly cares about your experience with us, and about putting out the best product for you. Because our system is streamlined, you can expect the highest-quality images within a quick turnaround!

  • Consistency

  • In the corporate world, branding is everything. When you hire True Photography, you and your clients will have a consistent look and feel across all of your photos. We pay attention to each image, and have a creative enhancement team to treat the photos in a way that is timeless with that extra edge.

  • Quality

  • We photograph with top-of-the-line Canon and Nikon Cameras and lenses, meaning our images are of the highest quality and resolution. The end result is that you are able to enlarge the images as large as you want, and the quality will be top notch. We are proud to be the photographers of choice for many large corporations, small businesses, community leaders, dignitaries, athletes, and celebrities.

  • Availability

  • Headquartered in downtown San Diego, we specialize in covering business and social events throughout Southern California, including San Diego, Orange County and Los Angeles. Our team also extends to every major city throughout the country, allowing us to be available for bookings nationally, and across the globe. Whether you need one photographer or twelve, we have a team available.

  • Talent

  • Our photographers truly have the “IT” factor. Every shooter within our studio is an artist, with natural ability and raw talent. But, to be a True photographer, it takes a perfect balance of having a creative eye, being technically precise, while also being social, friendly and professional. Our team of experts document each event from a variety of angles — whether it’s in a low-light conference room or on the beach at noon — while staying unobtrusive and ensuring guests have a good time.

  • Experience

  • Our unique approach to photography is based on over 17 years of refinement, and is designed to produce the best results from start to finish, every single time. Our creative team consists of a group of top-level in-house photographers, supported by our full team of enhancers, retouchers, and client specialists. Each member of our team has extensive experience, and is dedicated to delivering our brand.